Professional Craftsmanship Built Into Every Product…

We here at Antech Wire EDM Inc. have many services we provide some of which include our WaterJet Machine, Wire EDM, and our Machine Shop! Antech Wire EDM Inc. is a leader in Wire EDM Machining and the WaterJet Cutting Industry, fast , friendly, quality service, has been our focus behind everything we do since we opened our doors in 1996! 

We Don’t Believe in Second Best!

With new state of the art equipment and our newly supported machine shop there is no job too big or too small! 

WaterJet Cutting!

Here at Antech Wire EDM Inc. we offer WaterJet Cutting. A WaterJet is a Tool that cuts a wide variety of material using a high pressure stream of water. It can cut many forms of material. 

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Wire EDM

We have high speed automated Wire EDM machines that are equipped with automatic threading. This Wire EDM machine can handle small wire diameters as small as .004 dia fine wire. Our shop can handle any project up to 33″ X 27.3″ X 16″ and a work piece weight of 1500lbs.

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Machine Shop

With our newly equipped machine shop we can take on a project of any size! Some of the services we offer includes:

  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Grinding
  • Assembly
  • Welding

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Customer Satisfaction…

At Antech Wire EDM Inc. we believe that quality assurance must be implemented into every step of the manufacturing process so we can achieve customer satisfaction! Antioch Wire EDM Inc. is currently working towards their ISO-9000 registration!

We Take Quality Seriously!

Corporate Quality Assurance Policy

The management of Antech Wire E.D.M. Inc. is committed to quality and the continuous improvement in all areas of the organization. Through continuous improvement involving all departments and areas within the organization, we are able to ensure our customer’s goals and requirements are met as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Antech’s target for quality is to maintain our already high level of quality and to continuously improve so that we are able to meet and exceed the industry’s rising standards.

We are committed not only to our customers and their needs but also to our employees. We have an extremely high rated facility when it comes to health and safety, and this ensures our employees do the best job possible.


      Robert A.

      President                                                                                                    January 15, 2000