Wire EDM Services

Wire EDM Services 

Antech Wire EDM Inc. has the cutting capabilities through our state of the art submerged Fanuc Wire EDM Machines to handle all your cutting requirements.

We have high-speed automated Wire EDM machines, with automatic threading that can handle small wire diameters as small as .004 dia fine wire.

We are capable of handling a cutting capacity up to: 33″ X 27.3″ X 16″ and a work piece weight of 1500 lbs. With a tapering capacity of up to 30 degrees, tapering and die relief angle cutting are done relatively easy.

With 5 programmable axis, 3D shapes and complex contours can also be achieved. The surface finish provided, as low as 4 RMS, often requires little to no polishing.

Fine blank and precision machining are also excellent applications for Wire EDM as well as other uses such as checking gauges, jigs and fixtures. extrusion tools, prototype work, molds, cutting cavities and cores, gears, & medical devices.

At Antech we have full in-house programming. Our CAD/CAM department, consists of five work stations all running the latest software. As well, our technical staff is highly experienced in adapting to your in-house procedures.

Antech supports customer specification by drawing, or through data transfers in: .Iges, .Dxf, .Ascii, .Dwg, .Ge3, Step or by disc; modem or e-mail. All of our programs are documented and we archive them for future use. We can cut a wide variety of materials.

We have found our services are principally accommodating for such industries as:

Metal Fabricators Machine Shops Tool Shops
Mould Shops  Medical Device Manufacturers  Jig & Fixture Shops


For the application your company has, Antech Wire EDM Inc. will be glad to serve your needs. All project sizes welcome from prototype to high volume production!